Which style should I choose?
We currently offer 2 different styles; elastic or with clasp.

What's the difference?

The Elastic Style:
 Our waist beads are strung together on sturdy elastic cord. Choose this option if you just want to wear the beads a few times, maybe on vacation, a party or a special occasion. The elasticity will eventually loose it's strength which makes this our least longest lasting version, it's also our least expensive style.

** Please be mindful that you will have to slide this style over your head and shoulders. If you stretch it too much, they can break. 

Best for lengths 32" and up. Shorter lengths are great for bracelets, anklets and necklaces.

The Clasped Style: Choose this option if you like to switch it up a bit. You can take this style off by simply unhooking the clasp. Make sure you follow the care instructions to keep it lasting long. This style is not flexible, there is no give as there is with the elastic style so be sure to measure yourself correctly. By request we can add a one inch chain extender for an additional price. For longevity take off when showering/bathing and keep oils and lotion at a distance. 

How to care for my jewelry?

Although the beads are waterproof it's best to minimize exposure to water to keep the original color in tact. If submerged pat dry.